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Thursday, October 19, 2006

I knew this would happen-

The oldest boy got his car impounded this week... I have been expecting it and I've warned him, repeatedly, to fix the problem. I'm certain he has had the best intent to get it fixed but it just never became important enough- until this week. Right now he's walking and facing some new traffic violations.

The car's not legal. It doesn't have legal license plates on it. He doesn't have title or registration for this POS Escort. [Redundancy Alert- I know already!] Historically, it was the Daughter-in-law's car that she brought with her from Illinois when she moved out here. But it was apparently titled in her brother's name. They managed to keep it registered and plated through Illinois until a couple years ago, when the engine died. Then it sat for a bunch of months, I installed a used engine in it, waited on an unscrupulous, not-a mechanic to finish the fuel problems, and finally got the car back to the kids last December, just before he got kicked out of the house and the couple split up.

I have reminded and encouraged him at every turn to get the paperwork straight. Now, I suppose he realizes I knew what I was talking about. We'll be talking more tonight probably to see what he has done to resolve the situation but my suggestion is that he pay his fines and let the county crush that car. He will need a replacement and I can see that I may need to assist in getting him back on the road.

I may buy him a bike from the Cash America pawn shop...

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